did you know?

  • Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults. 

  • CPR doubles a person's chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

  • 75% of all cardiac arrests happen in people's homes.

  • CPR provides a trickle of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart and keeps these organs alive until defibrillation can shock the heart into a normal rhythm.


  • If CPR is started within 4 minutes of collapse and defibrillation provided within 10 minutes a person has a 40% chance of survival.


Our mission is to teach the community and the employees in the workplace lifesaving skills. We are also committed to helping companies comply with regulatory and OSHA requirements.


Based in St. Louis, MO, Gateway Emergency Response is built on a solid foundation of experience. As veteran first responders, we’ve been in the trenches and the literal line of fire. Harnessing our collective knowledge as professional responders, we pass on real-life lessons and information to create a safe and self-sufficient workplace. We know what works and what doesn’t — because we’ve been there. You won’t find that in-depth knowledge in a training manual or an online training course. All of our instructors are certified American Red Cross certified instructors. 


Highly Personalized


One size does NOT fit all when it comes to our trainings. We know that each company has unique cultures, environments and needs. Our highly personalized approach takes those differences into account. We can develop a unique agenda to fit your exact goals.


Built on Teamwork


In an emergency situation, responding as a team gives you the best outcome. The same holds true for our business. All of our instructors are current or former police officers, firefighters and paramedics with impeccable backgrounds and training. But we look beyond credentials. Our instructors define us: enthusiastic, energetic, and engaging. Just as we encourage you to work together for the best results, we are a close-knit team that relies and respects one another, to your benefit.

Commitment to Help Others


Our commitment to help others drives us. First, it drove us to save lives on the front lines. Now, it spills over into training others to do the same. We are truly gratified when empowering people to become confident and self-sufficient. Knowing that our work lives on in the hundreds of employees we’ve trained is tremendously satisfying and inspires us to do our best.